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When you think of Aruba, you probably think sea, sun and beach. But Aruba has more to offer than that, there're different sort of activities you can do. A must see when you are at Aruba, is the Aruba Ostrich Farm. Although Africa is the native land of the ostrich, this intriguing bird finds a perfect home in Aruba's rugged landscape. The Aruba Ostrich Farm welcomes you to come and meet its 80-count flock of the largest living species in the world. Visitors are encouraged to partake in a guided tour of the farm, inhabited by both ostriches and their flightless Australian relatives, emus. The tour provides the opportunity to learn about the natural behavior and survival instincts of these amazing creatures through detailed information as well as personal encounters with the birds.

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  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    Even though we were just two, the tour guide wasn't very enthusiastic about what he told us. Rushed through the tour, instead of 25 minutes we finished it in 13 minutes. Sad!

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    great place

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    Harold is amazing and knowledgeable. A worthwhile visit! Loved his little goat!

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    Not worth the time or money! The tour is a bit of a joke; the guide looked like he'd much rather be sitting down where he was when we arrived. He was completely disinterested, biting his nails and narrating (more like mumbling) even before most of the tour group had caught up to him. Do yourself a favor and skip this farm and visit Philip's Animal Farm instead.

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    This was one of the funniest stops! Honestly, my wife made me go, I wasn't looking forward to it but our tour guide geanna made it awesome.

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    This place is so much fun! The ostriches are the coolest animals! I love feeding them and the pictures are priceless! We go back every time we visit!

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    Lots of fun, had a blast

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    A great trip! Very cool to see the animals, and feeding them was, well, an experience to remember! We had a nice tour guide who showed us around and gave us interesting info, not too long of a tour either. Not far from the natural bridge so you can combine the two. Definitely recommended to see a totally different part of the island!

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    your kids will love it here, mine loved it and so did i.

  • Aruba Ostrich Farm

    lo divertido es alimentarlas

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