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  • Hertz

    Great experience. Our car was clean and had a pleasant smell. We had no issues with the car other than removing the key from the ignition. The staff was very nice and helpful. We thought our flight departed at 10:30 PM, but it was actually at 3:30 PM. Of course we returned our car hours prior, but the people at Hertz was nice enough to let us keep our luggage in their building. Greatly appreciated 

  • Hertz

    Hertz Aruba is a franchise. The car we got was old and not up to Hertz standard. The price was higher once we were at the desk, than was estimated when we booked online,

  • Hertz

    Ordered the car on line price for insurance was $99.00 through Priceline. Arrive in aruba oh no that wasn't the price now extra $270.00 for insurance. Still waiting for the $99.00 credit. I won't hold my breath. There are better companies to go with.

  • Hertz

    Don't ever think to rent a car in a hotel. It'll cost 90 bucks a day for a Versa... Instead of that go to Budget, near the Holiday Inn. 45 bucks a day for a Yaris Sedan

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